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In one of the best speeches I ever heard, an entrepreneur quoted Greek orator Demosthenes, saying “there is nothing new under the sun”.  Years later, I found out that Demosthenes took it from the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes.  The full … Continue reading

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Healthy Boundaries

Personal boundaries are the borders we maintain between ourselves and the rest of the world.  When considering your relationships with others, the boundaries separate acceptable treatment from unacceptable.   Healthy boundaries, however flexible they may be, allow for meaningful interactions while … Continue reading

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3 Levels of Listening

Some people are better skiers than others.  Some are better listeners.  One thing that the best listeners and best skiers have in common is that they practice and they concentrated while performing the task (skiing, listening.)  I am a novice … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is behind us, as is Black Friday, Cyber Monday and most of the first day of December.  For many, the tension, stress, and anxiety are growing by the day.  It is paradoxical that a time of the year which … Continue reading

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