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What Leaders Do

There is no shortage of leadership books.  I’ve not read them all, of course, but I have read many.  As a business executive and a coach, I have derived the most value from the works of Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey … Continue reading

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Well Begun Is Half Done

Well begun is half done.  Well Begun. Is. Half Done.    Aristotle said this.  Aristotle, huh?  Aristotle was a legendarily smart ancient Greek philosopher.  Wicked smart guy, I understand.  He learned from Plato, another legendarily smart ancient Greek philosopher, who learned … Continue reading

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The Truth

Beating around the bush. Have you ever wondered where such phrases come from?  If you’re curious about the origination of this expression for not getting to the point, click here.  But, my post is not about the birth of an … Continue reading

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The Project Is … You

19-century Irish poet Oscar Wilde said: The aim of life is self-development.  To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for. While this is truly a deep subject matter, one does not need to … Continue reading

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Bring It

In one of my favorite group exercises, the leader asks a roomful of participants to “stand up and reach up as high as you can.” After a few seconds, the leader asks everyone to reach “just a little higher”. After … Continue reading

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