Your Inner Child Is Calling

Hello my friends,

Fun doesn’t define happiness.  Happiness is about connecting with your inner purpose and living according to that purpose in order to become the best possible version of you.  That being said … fun is, of course, still fun.  There’s nothing wrong with having fun, especially the well-earned fun of a family vacation.

This week is work-free for me.  I’m blogging because I truly enjoy it and because my son Brian wants to help me to video blog.  He recently spent a month and a half studying in Italy and made a terrific video of the experience.  So, Brian will be creating the video version of this week’s post.

“The great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart.”          – Ancient Chinese philosopher Mencius

Connecting to your inner-child is not simply about fun – it is also about being carefree, about seeing possibilities, about asking questions and about having the courage to pursue what you want. Last night, I watched my three children, their cousins and friends go on a ride that they all admitted was scary to them, before and during the experience.  All eight of them, age 14-21, did it anyway and were delighted by the result.  That is the inner child.

So, I ask you …  what are you asking for from life?  What are you doing to make it happen?  There’s an inner child in you, waiting to experience your life to its fullest potential.  Listen to that voice.  Don’t drown it out with the practicality of the grown-up voices that crowd your thinking!  What do you want?    What. Do. You. Want?

Go do it, and by all means, have fun!  Today, I will be building a sandcastle.  A cool one too.  The video version is available at

All the best,


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