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Running With The Giants

Success leave clues.  So does failure, but we’ll save that for a future post.  You have choices in life.  If you want extraordinary results, you must do the extra things that ordinary people do not do.  Hence the term, extraordinary.    … Continue reading

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Black and Blue but Smiling

I’ve got a few nice bruises from the two soccer games I played last week.  One is from an inadvertent collision and the others, well, let’s just say they were not inadvertent.  But I am smiling. No Pain No Gain … Continue reading

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Welcome the Critic …

Welcome the critic?  That was not my approach for many years.  As far as I was concerned, critics brought people down.   Their goal was to build themselves up, I thought, and hurt people in the process.  The idea of constructive … Continue reading

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The Calendar and the Checkbook

What is really important to a person is evident in many ways – how he lives, acts, speaks, respects others, treats himself etc… Today I will focus on just two ways to see what a person values – the calendar … Continue reading

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