Don’t Be A Sisyphus!

Hello my faithful readers (and my unfaithful readers too),

Do you want to be happy?  Most people say yes to this question.  Unfortunately, it is a trick question.  If you are preparing for happiness, you are unlikely ever to reach it.    Of course, I am a big fan of big goals, lofty dreams and ambitious plans.  Love them all, actually.  Happiness, however, is not a goal, dream or a plan.  Furthermore, happiness is most definitely NOT your bank account.  Like success, happiness is a journey and the state of mind that you maintain during the journey.

King Sisyphus (Greek Mythology) compelled to roll a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down.

Those who subscribe to the myth of “I’ll Be Happy When …” are doomed to the fate of Sisyphus (see picture and caption).  When people link their happiness only to achievement, the happiness does not last.  It dissipates like the adrenaline of a workout or an exciting movie.  The “happiness boulder” then rolls down the hill, leaving a long climb back to “happiness”.

You can choose to be happy.  Right now.  Look beyond the imperfections in your world, accept the ups and the downs.  If you are competitive, I have a trick that might work.  I will occasionally imagine that I have been challenged to remain upbeat during a particularly difficult time.  When I feel negativity creeping in, my competitive juices carry me back to a positive state-of-mind.   I am not suggesting that a happy person is never sad.  Things happen and we do become sad, temporarily.  It is the happiness that is permanent.

All the best,


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2 Responses to Don’t Be A Sisyphus!

  1. Ed, I absolutely love this blog! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Amy Wells says:

    “Permanent happiness”, love it!!!!!

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