Shortcut to Success

Hello blogosphere,

Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised when I admit to being an optimist. I think positive thoughts, read positive affirmations daily and naturally look on the bright side, seeing opportunities where some see problems.  I also love to coach executives and entrepreneurs.  Like other coaches, I do this by asking questions.  Really good questions. Probing questions, challenging questions, questions that help the client expand their awareness of their current situation and see the action steps required to get where they want to go.

By design, the questions encourage clients to think beyond their own self-limiting beliefs, beyond their comfort zones. Why do coaches do this?  Simply put, we do this because progress, growth, development, and success are all found beyond the comfort zone.

There are no shortcuts to success.   Failure? That’s easy: just quit!  Success, on the other hand, requires more effort than failure – way more.  To be successful in life, you must not quit.  If you want to avoid failure, you have only two choices – don’t start, or don’t quit.

You must concentrate all of your energy, all of your power, on a limited set of targets. Accept that pain, difficulties, temporary setbacks are all part of the process.   There is good news though:

Nothing is impossible for the man who combines burning desire, enduring faith and an unrelenting commitment to the effort required to reach his goals.

You want something in this world?  Go get it.  Period.

All the best,


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By the way, I don’t charge extra for typos.  They are my gift to you.  :-)

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One Response to Shortcut to Success

  1. The only shortcut to success I know of is dedication, hard work and persistence. It’s that simple!

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