Turn Up The Heat

Hello my friend,

Some people have decided to extract as much living as possible out of their lives.  They run faster, smarter and yes, they run their engines hotter than the average engine.  Running hotter.  What does that mean?  It means that they have more energy, create more energy and burn more energy.  What about you?  Do you run hot? Let’s talk about how some people have turned up their heat to live more, love more and be more than most.

The key achieving more, in my experience, is thinking big.  Of course, peak performance is really all about taking massive action, but massive action follows thinking big.  If you want to run hot, you begin by thinking really big.

So have you ever really thought much about thinking?I’m not talking about casual thinking, trivial thinking, or automated thinking. No, no, no!  I’m talking about serious, deliberate, fully conscious, purposeful thinking. This type of thinking is unfortunately pretty rare. I often ask my clients to record when they spend time in the classroom of silence: no television, no phone, no people just them and their thoughts. You can imagine the typical reaction I get.   I challenge you to schedule a weekend, a day, or even a few hours were you can get away from it all and just think. If it has been a while or never since you’ve schedule such time alone in thought, you might think it impossible. I can assure you it is not!

So what does one think about when we spend so much time thinking? Big things! Really big things! Where do you want to be in five years? How would you like to be remembered? What is your true purpose? Why are you here? Are the difficulties in your life really blessings in disguise? Of course, nobody has these answers but you.

Armed with answers, even limited answers, to such questions often has a profoundly positive effect on people. Big ideas, big goals, big aspirations are exciting! They’re motivating, stimulating and, yes, they can transform your life into an amazing journey.  You’ve heard it before, “go big or go home!”

In addition to thinking big, you must believe in yourself in order to turn up your heat.  Sometimes it is difficult to generate confidence or belief if the external evidence of your awesomeness is not obvious to the outside world or to you. Well, you heard it here first: fake it till you make it! The highest achievers I’ve ever met or read about possessed an attitude, an internal peace, confidence that was contagious to those around them and fueled groups organizations and even countries to excellence. You’ve. Gotta. Believe. First.

Don’t believe yet?  Well, use your imagination!  Literally.  Imagine how you would feel and behave if you had the belief.  Then …. act that way anyway.  This is how high achievers do it.  They act as if they are not afraid until they are actually no longer afraid.

Your belief is the thermostat of your life!

All the best,


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By the way, I don’t charge extra for typos. They are my gift to you. :-)

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2 Responses to Turn Up The Heat

  1. Michael says:

    Great post, Ed! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Tracy says:

    Same great advice as I am hearing in my Windshield Uni….

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