Response Ability

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As you probably know, Dr. Stephen R Covey passed away earlier this week. Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Covey greatly influenced millions of people in his lifetime. I am one of them. In fact, I consider him to be one of my heroes – a true giant in the world of personal development. He will be greatly missed. I offer my condolences to the Covey family and to those who were close to him.

In honor of Dr. Covey, I will share with you my favorite “Covey-ism”:

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and happiness.

Responsibility is a recurring theme in Dr. Covey’s work. I should say “response ability”. I had formerly thought of the word responsibility in terms of an obligation or duty, and that certainly is one of the definitions. But it means more than! It literally means that we have the ability to respond. Despite the circumstances, problems, challenges, obstacles, hardships etc… You get to choose your response!Ignoring this freedom to choose is, well, irresponsible. By definition.

If you are using excuses, rationalizations or any other tool to shelter or protect yourself from your power to choose, you are also closing off paths to your personal and professional growth and ultimately, to your sense of fulfillment and happiness.

So the secret to happiness is really no secret at all. It is about exercising your right, your freedom and your obligation to make choices.

  • What will I eat today? Greasy fried food or salad?
  • Will I hold a grudge against someone who has offended me?
  • Will I read a challenging book or watch Jersey Shore?
  • Will I go the extra mile for a client or employer, or go through the motions?
  • Will I give of my time, talent, and treasure today or will I save it for myself?
  • Will I honor God who created me or allow pride or vanity to govern me?
  • Speaking of who created me, will I call or visit my mother, father or other significant person in my life today?

I could go on, my friends, but you get the point. These are all choices. I challenge you to choose wisely. Thoughtfully consider who you are and who you want to be, then choose accordingly.  As Stephen Covey has so artfully taught us, the results achieve in life are driven by these choices.  Speaking of results, you must own them.  You don’t have to be satisfied with them, but you must accept ownership of them.

You. Own. Your. Results.

All the best,


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By the way, I don’t charge extra for typos. They are my gift to you. :-)

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