Two Simple Steps to Reaching Goals

Hello faithful readers,

I like simple.  Complicated, of course, is necessary sometimes.  Putting a man on the moon, brain surgery, making a souffle … all complicated.  But there are too many academics, to many self-proclaimed gurus that have a vested interest in making things seem harder than they actually are.  If you’re one of those people, please save yourself the frustration and stop reading now.

Setting yourself up to be successful in reaching a goal should not be complicated.  Like I said, I’m a big fan of simple.  As such, I’d like to propose to you a two-step process for goal attainment.

Step 1:  Expressed Intentionality

We all know that you must have a real intention to accomplish a goal, a true desire for what you will be, have or feel like when you reach the objective – regardless of the area of your wheel of life that the goal resides.    But “good intentions” alone are most often not enough.  You must express your intention to one or more persons.  You can tell them in person, on the phone, text it, tweet it or write it in the sky, but you’ve got to tell someone.

Express Intentionality has two distinct positive impacts on your chances of success.  First, you get to hear yourself express the intention which starts a chain of events in your brain that builds momentum.  Don’t underestimate to power of this “self-talk”, accomplished while you are communicating to someone else.  Secondly, you have just recruited a candidate for accountability partnership.

Step 2: Benevolent Accountability

An accountability partner helps to keep us on track, using a variety of tools and techniques.  These are the people who, with your permission, ask you about your progress, encourage you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, cheer you on when you overcome an obstacle or reach a milestone.  They can also speak candidly to you when you are not living up to your commitment.  This is why I use the term benevolent.  We’re not talking about a drill sergeant who will yell at or berate you.  Effective accountability partners have your best interest at heart (i.e. benevolent) and areboth honest and kind.  They see the gap between your intentions and your actions, then help you to close the gap.  They won’t nag you, but they won’t “blow sunshine” either.  When recruiting accountability partners, TRUST is a MUST.  You must trust the person to safeguard your intentions.  Emotional stability is also “nice to have” in an accountability partner too.  🙂
Once you’ve expressed a well thought out, deeply felt intention to at least one trusted accountability partner, you are well on your way to attaining what you desire.


All the best,


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By the way, I don’t charge extra for typos. They are my gift to you. :-)

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