Dreamers and Doers

Hello my friends,

Today I’d like to talk about Dreamers and Doers. I’m a fan of both dreaming and doing. I am not, however, fond of the poor outcomes that result from excessive focus on one or the other of these vital practices.  Dreamers spend much of their time thinking about how their life could be improved, fantasizing about better things to come or musing about how happy they will be if and when their circumstances change.

Once again, I love dreaming just not those who “live in the future“. There are two telling signs that someone is a Dreamer, as opposed to someone who is merely dreaming. First of all, the pure Dreamer often describes the imagined scenario, or desired future state, in terms that reveal that he does not believe the dream is possible, or at least within his control to reach. Instead, it is often described as if it will take some major good fortune or stroke of luck in order for the dream to be realized. Secondly, Dreamers frequently trade in old dreams for new ones, often in a casual way. When asked about the “old dream”, the Dreamer will describe it in dismissive, even belittling terms. The shiny “new dream” gets all the attention!

Doers are on the other end of the continuum. To them, it’s about being busy. No time to dream, no time to plan… there’s too much to do!  Doers are big fans of checklists and often take great pride in the quantity of work they have achieved. Unfortunately, this “productivity” is shortsighted for Doers because productivity is about quality.  When asked about the relationship between their highest priorities and the items on their to do list, Doers regularly struggle to make the connection.

As I’m sure you could see a mile away, my aversion to these extremes suggests that a compromise is in order. The most effective people are both Dreamers and Doers!

  1. They possess a burning desire to reach their goals.
  2. They possess a clear vision of their dream state.
  3. Finally, they have a strong appetite for the work that must be done in order for the dream to be made a reality.In “the Art of war” by Sun Tzu, the general makes it clear case for strategy and tactics for armies.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, while tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Dreaming and doing go together like strategy and tactics (peanut butter and jelly too).  There are many so-called “Keys to Success”, but my favorite is the marriage between dreaming big and doing better.Dream it. Do it. Repeat. ( this was inspired by my shampoo bottle’s directions to: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)

All the best,


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